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About Us

The Fine Cakery was born in August 2019 thanks to a dream of Alisa, the founder of TFC, to eat delicious sweets, while staying healthy and loyal to her values. It all started with an Instagram account where she shared her unique creations and gained her first loyal followers. People would naturally be curious about how something like cakes, that are well-known for their unhealthy and unsustainable list of ingredients, can actually nourish your body and make you feel good. Alisa was there to break those stereotypes. In just one year the company grew from zero orders to being fully booked almost all the time.

We are endlessly grateful for the trust and support we have received over this time. Thanks to the incredible feedback we got, we realized that our products are needed and wanted. Despite the fact that we are currently not making cakes for private events, we will forever stick to the values that pushed our products so far: QUALITY, HONESTY AND TRUSTWORTHINESS.

Our Mission

The mission we set to ourselves from the beginning was the following:

“We strive to offer our customers a healthy and ethically sourced alternative to traditional desserts and popularize the idea that sweets must be good for your body, soul and the planet.”

Since then, all our actions have had to be in line with our overall mission. We are very much looking forward to presenting you our new creations soon – in a very new format that will make our unique desserts more affordable and accessible.

Thank you for following our journey,
The Fine Cakery team

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